Published On: Mon, Jul 30th, 2012

Press Release: NEC Updates On the Electoral Process in Sierra Leone for the November 2012 Elections.

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OAU Drive, Tower Hill, Freetown
Sierra Leone


30th July 2012

To date, the National Electoral Commission (NEC) has issued Two Million Four Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand and Twenty Six (2,425,026) Voter ID Cards out of a total of Two Million Six Hundred and Sixty Three Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Six (2,663,746) printed cards.

The difference of Two Hundred and Thirty Eight Thousand Seven Hundred and Twenty (238,720) represents:

• Unclaimed cards
• Cards not yet collected by diasporans
• 794 duplicates currently being investigated by CID
• Correction done during Exhibition

The data obtained from the exhibition process are being consolidated and will be matched with the central Biometric Voter Registration data in Brussels, Belgium. Voter ID Cards will subsequently be printed and distributed nationwide during the last week of August 2012.

Management Voter ID Cards
The issue of lost ID Cards has come to the attention of the NEC. The Commission will like to remind the public that voter ID Cards are the properties of NEC and if found, are to be returned to the nearest NEC office or the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).

Fifty Four (54) death cases of registrants have been reported to the Commission. These are being addressed. NEC is here by encouraging the public to report all such cases to the nearest NEC office.

Electoral Offence Cases
Seven Hundred and Ninety Four (794) suspected fraudulent registration cases are currently at several stages of investigation by the Criminal Investigations Department of the Sierra Leone Police and as of date, Seventy (70) have been charged to court as follows:
Western Area-20
Northern Region-16
Southern Region-22
Eastern Region-12

Preparation for the Nomination Process for the 2012 Elections

Timeline for nomination of candidates for the various elective offices are as follows:

No Category Nomination Date
1 Local Council (Mayors/Chairpersons & Councillors) 12th -23rd September 2012

2 Paramount Chiefs Members of Parliament 29th September-1st October 2012

3 Presidential & Parliamentary 3rd -15th October 2012

By Government Notice, the Commission will soon announce for the submission of papers for candidates requiring nomination for various elective offices.

The National Electoral Commission has reviewed candidates’ nomination fees in accordance with statutory regulations as prescribed in Sections 46(1), 60(5) of the Public Elections Act 2012.

The prescribed nomination fees for the 2012 Elections are as follows:

No Category Amount
1) Councillors Two Million Leones (Le 2,000,000.00)

2) Mayors/Chairpersons Five Million Leones (Le 5,000,000.00)

3) Paramount Chief Member of Parliament Twenty Five Million Leones (Le 25,000,000.00)

4) Ordinary Member of Parliament Twenty Five Million Leones (Le 25,000,000.00)

5) Presidential Candidates One Hundred Million Leones (Le 100,000,000.00)

Following the Commission’s brainstorming activity at a recent workshop; the following were given for the review of candidate’s nomination fees:

• The 2012 Elections will cost tax payers of Sierra Leone Eighty Eight (88) Billion Leones (20.1 Million Dollars). This does not include donor contribution of 9.6 Million US Dollars. The prescribed nomination fees will constitute about 23.5 % of the cost to be paid by tax payers. The is justified as we move gradually towards national ownership of our elections.

• Consultation at Sub-regional level taking into consideration the average nomination fees for the elective offices in the Sub-region.

Christiana A.M. Thorpe (Dr.)
Chief Electoral Commissioner/Chairperson
National Returning Officer