Published On: Tue, Aug 7th, 2012

In Sierra Leone,FBC Students Threaten to Attack Sylvia Blyden


By: Hassan G. Koroma-concordtimes

Over a story published in the Monday August 6th edition of Awareness Times newspaper headlined: “APC & Blackmail by Rebel Students in Lawlessness”, more than two hundred students from Fourah Bay College FBC have threatened to attack the author, Ms Sylvia Blyden who is also the proprietor of the publication.

sylvia blyden

Sylvia Blyden (Awareness Times newspaper, Sierra Leone)

The disgruntled students, who stormed the central part of Freetown yesterday while staging a protest over the rustication of thirty-one colleagues by the college authorities for using the campus hostels illegally, said they felt bad by Blyden’s report and promised to attack her and the Awareness Time newspaper office in any way they could.

One of the students, who spoke to Concord Times on condition of anonymity, said it is good for a journalist to investigate a matter properly before going to press to avoid trouble “just like what Sylvia Blyden has just done to herself.”

He said they had planned to go and vandalize her office but found out that she was not in town.

“We are ready to receive her at the airport on her return from the United Kingdom to teach her a lesson that she will never forget in her life time,” he said.

Another student said it has been the habit of Ms Blyden to write negative reports about people “but she has reached her limit. She has asked us a question and we will answer her soon.”