Is Sierra Leone Parliament poised to pass a 2-year extension of term limit for themselves and by extension President Koroma?

Mustapha Wai,

 By: Mustapha Wai,( Washington D.C, USA) According to a report by one of their own, it was like Christmas in Parliament as members stood in a single file like children waiting patiently for their turn to walk up to Santa Claus to collect their gifts. The gifts were nothing but brand new smart phones apparently paid for using public funds and programmed More...

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(File photo:-Riots in Koidu Town during the Koidu Holdings killings,2008)
By On Thursday, February 13th, 2014

Sierra Leone: Government Minister Undermines Democracy and Agenda for Prosperity.

 OPINION By: Tamba Gborie The Kono Youth Chairmanship elections held on Sunday February 02 – 2014 between Mr. Joseph Mbayoh and Mr. Melvin Konguwa under the supervision of the Youth Minister Mr. Alimamy Kamara More...

2nd Lieutenant Nyuma, as Secretary of State, East, meeting the people of Kenema just after the NPRC coup, May 1992. From the collections of Patrick S. Bernard
By On Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Tom Nyuma and the Making of the NPRC: In Memoriam to “Ranger” (Part Two)

 By: Patrick S. Bernard*, USA. The circumstances that led to the April 29, 1992 coup started a day before, on April 28 when Tom, along with his fighting men, commandeered the AA gun, and embarked on a journey More...

Clifford Mohammed Deen
By On Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Rebuilding, nurturing and sustaining the Democratic principles in the politics of Sierra Leone

 By: Clifford Mohammed Deen* The concepts of Democracy and democratic principles have been and continue to infuse fierce debates which has polarised society across the globe. Some schools of thoughts has ascribe More...

Tom Nyuma
By On Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Tom Nyuma and the Making of the NPRC: In Memoriam to “Ranger”(Part One)

 By: Patrick S. Bernard*, USA. It is always tough to write an obituary of a young person who dies too soon. I find myself in that position writing this obituary of Tom Nyuma, a young man who died at 42 years More...

Granville Jones
By On Monday, January 13th, 2014

What Now, Sierra Leone?

 OPINION By:- Granville Jones, (Virginia, USA.) State Of Hardship My first visit to Sierra Leone after almost twenty-six years abroad was filled with a lot of surprises, to say the least. I was very fortunate More...

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Africa needs technocrats more than it needs party politicians

 Opinion & Analysis By: Ronak Gopaldas* A major shift in global risk aversion, away from developed to emerging markets, was unleashed by the US Federal Reserve’s announcement last year of a looming end More...

Mohamed Kamirimba Mansaray (MKM) (File photo)
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Sierra Leone:-Is Mohamed Kamirimba Mansaray (MKM) a true Presidential Material? Part 1.

 OPINION By: Tamba Gborie Mohamed Kamirimba Mansaray also known as MKM claims to be the 2017 APC Presidential flag bearer is currently prowling the streets of Freetown advertising himself to the public as a More...

False Pretense
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Sierra Leone:-The high cost of false pretense

 By: Austin Thomas How do you feel when duped by someone who tells you that he is selling an 18 carat gold chain and after parting with your cash, it turns out to be fake? False Pretense Some will definitely More...

Dr. Kandeh Kumkella - Recipient of AAI 2013 Distinguished Alumnus Award-07-22-2013
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Sierra Leone:-Dr.Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella:Hype or Hip?

 OPINION By: Farook Abdul-Karim Sesay. Canberra, Australia.( Social justice and Community advocate) An article in the standard Times press (online) –“ kandehKollehYumkella: the diplomat versus the candidate…the More...