Liberia: Special Statement By President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf On Additional Measures in the Fight against the Ebola Viral Disease

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

 Monrovia — My fellow citizens: Today, in continuation of our efforts to combat the deadly Ebola virus, I am pleased to launch the National Action Plan presented by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in partnership with the World Health Organization. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Given the multi-dimensional efforts, including local, regional and More...

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Kamara Anthony A.K. Jnr
By On Monday, July 28th, 2014

Sierra Leone:-The Ebola Crisis: Our nation needs our help

 By: Kamara Anthony A.K. Jnr The news that Sierra Leone, like other countries in the sub-region, has been hit by the Ebola disease is no longer a secret. If anything, I had assumed that the disease could easily More...

Dr. Mohamed Kanu
By On Monday, July 28th, 2014

The Ebola Threat in Sierra Leone: Initial Lessons to Be Learnt

 By: Dr. Mohamed Kanu* In a world of globalization when travelling across the world has become so fast and easy, disease transmission has correspondingly become much more rapid. A few decades ago, disease transmission More...

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Who Really Runs FIFA; the Sponsors or a Governing Body?

 By: Abdulai  Mansaray The world of football was shocked to see Luis Alberto Suarez Diaz bite his fellow professional, Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini during the match between the two countries. The ensuing outrage More...

Counterfeit drugs (File photo)
By On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Bogus medicines threaten healthcare gains across Africa

 By:Eleanor Whitehead* In June 2012 Angolan customs agents found more than they bargained for when conducting a routine check on containers shipped from China to the country’s capital, Luanda. While inspecting More...

A boat with African migrants spotted by the Navy at sea near Lampedusa, Italy, in February this year, where hundreds of thousands are set to follow this summer . (2014)
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Sinking hope:Thousands of Africans drown every year as they sail to Europe in search of jobs

 “Europe has transformed itself into a fortress, with anti-immigration legislation a centrepiece of foreign and domestic policy. Stringent visa regimes, among other restrictions, simply disqualify many More...

young people from sub-Saharan Africa started migrating into North-Africa also seeking ways to get to Europe. (file photo)
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Africa and its Diaspora in migration dynamics

 “The question of migration is entangled with complex political, economic, legal, social, cultural issues. One cannot address this issue from an African perspective without thinking about the violence More...

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Rethinking the role of global investment in Africa’s development

 “Much hope is placed on foreign direct investment to deliver development capital for African countries. Yet FDIs are part of the global financial capitalist system, which maintains and reproduces inequality More...

Health workers carry an Ebola virus victim in Kenema, Sierra Leone
By On Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

West Africa’s Ebola crisis deepens,500+ dead.

 Deep in the forests of southern Guinea, the first victims fell ill with high fevers. People assumed it was the perennial killer malaria and had no reason to fear touching the bodies, as is the custom in traditional More...

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Sierra Leone MEN and WOMEN have the lowest life expectancy in the world. -At 45 and 46 respectively.-(2014).

 People around the world continue to live longer, and in some poor countries the gains have been dramatic, the World Health Organization (WHO) says in an annual report released Thursday. The average girl More...