Published On: Fri, Jun 22nd, 2012

7 Ways To Treat Your Girl


If you have a girlfriend and you are looking to start treating her better, then you need to learn how to make her feel special. The one thing that most men don’t understand is that they need to treat their women like “princesses” but still not spoil them. It has to be a team effort but of course the man needs to stand up and provide. Here are 7 ways to truly show your woman that they are the center of your world.


Candle Light Dinner

1) Dinner Is Crucial
Remember that your date will depend on where you take her out to eat. This is very important and should be something that you need to keep in mind when you try to make it a memorable night. If you are able to find a really good restaurant, make sure you reserve a spot and then know how to surprise her.

2) Learn How To Surprise

You want to be able to truly surprise her so that you can really make it more enjoyable. If your girl already knows where you guys are going, then the element of surprise will be gone. You must find a way to surprise her and then learn how to make the decisions for the rest of the night.

3) Make The Decisions
As the night continues, you want to make sure that you are the one making decisions. Show her that you are capable of really making the night perfect.

4) Focus On Being A Gentleman Make sure you pull the chair out and do everything that she would expect from a gentleman. This is crucial to the whole experience for her because you want her to know that you truly care about her.

5) Don’t Be Late
Before you even go out for dinner, make sure that you are not late and you are able to pick her up on time.

6) Take Her To A Special Place
After the dinner, make sure you take her to the London Theatre and have the tickets ready at the box office. This is a great way to guarantee that the night is perfect.

7) Enjoy The Night
The last thing is to simply just have fun with her. Talk to her and just make her feel comfortable all throughout the night.
If you want to have the best date, then you need to consider implementing these 7 tips into your full game plan for the night.

By: Angelina Lawson, a Content writer and her interests are Films, Travel & Technology and Eco living.  Catch her on Twitter @BoxOfficeltd